The people of this state are my priority and I promise to continue to work with any legislator interested in positive change for our communities, just as I always have. There have been challenging times in the 27th District recently with the flooding this summer that really highlighted the need for robust infrastructure in our communities. As we move ahead the need for state funding for strong infrastructure is even greater. Cuts to the general transportation fund to finance foreign interests really need to be re-evaluated. It is no secret I opposed Foxconn and all of the diversion of state funds to a foreign project that may never happen.

As a leader in the Legislature I have worked for positive change by not just objecting to plans I see as risky for taxpayers, but also with alternatives I believe are better for our communities. With Foxconn, if $4.5 billion was the dollar amount we wanted to invest in our state, let's put that money into schools, higher ed and training, communities and economic development throughout the state.

The people of the 27th District and this state deserve a quality of life that makes them feel safe in their communities, provides equal opportunity to learn and thrive, the ability to travel safely, and clean air and water for the next generations. These are my priorities in the Legislature and my values as a person. By investing in schools and finding long-term financing solutions for our transportation infrastructure, we are working to make Wisconsin a better place today and tomorrow. When supporting access to affordable health care and rural economic development including quality rural broadband access, we are ensuring that our quality of life and strong communities in every corner of the state are possibilities for all. Through our work for safe communities and a clean environment we are making Wisconsin a state where our citizens enjoy a high quality of life. These values and goals can be achieved with honest, caring leadership in our Legislature and I look forward to continue this work.

It is my hope the people of the 27th Senate District support my re-election and my commitment to positive outcomes for the hardworking families of Dane, Green, Iowa, Columbia and Sauk counties that call the 27th District home. The 27th Senate District is a diverse area with many rural communities, some larger suburban communities as well and an amazing set of natural public lands that make this a great place to live. What I am hearing is that people want a shift in priorities from their government and I couldn't agree more. People want to work to solve the true challenges Wisconsin struggles with, not just posture for political gain. That is my priority as well.

This summer has been an example of how Wisconsin values our neighbors and our communities above all else and that has truly been an inspiration to me. I have never been more proud to call the 27th Senate District home.

Sen. Jon Erpenbach, the incumbent, is the Democratic candidate for state Senate District 27.

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