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The Madsplainers: What is the Local Voices Network?

The Madsplainers: What is the Local Voices Network?

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A digital "hearth" is used to record group conversations, as part of the Local Voices Network.

In a fragmented country, Kathy Cramer thinks it's rare for people to have a meaningful conversations across political, geographical and cultural divides. That's where the University of Wisconsin-Madison political scientist and "Politics of Resentment" author hopes the Local Voices Network can help.

Cramer has teamed with up with the nonprofit startup Cortico and technologists with the MIT Media Lab to work on LVN, a "physical-digital network" that strives to create a new framework for public discourse. The idea is for small groups of people to gather, have a conversation about their lives and communities, and to upload transcripts and recordings of those conversations to a shared public database. This spring, Madison became one of the first U.S. cities to become a part of the LVN network.

On today's episode of the Madsplainers — a Cap Times podcast about local government and civic affairs — Abby, Lisa and Erik break down how the project works, and how the LVN team hopes it will change the U.S. political landscape for the better.

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