Crews work on a new public parking structure as part of the Judge Doyle Square redevelopment project in 2018.

For the past 10 years, the city of Madison has been on a mission to fill in two blocks of downtown Madison with a mix of retail space, a hotel, apartment units, a bike center and public parking.

How has that mission been going? Well, it's complicated.

On today's episode of the Madsplainers, the podcast all about local government and civic affairs, the topic at hand is the embattled and seemingly never-ending Judge Doyle Square project.

As the city prepares to make a decision on next steps for one major section of the project, Abby, Erik and Lisa talk with the project's manager George Austin about the initiative to "fill the hole in the donut" of downtown Madison. Take a listen to the episode below to learn more about Judge Doyle Square's history, its significance, and the many pitfalls that the city has encountered along the way, from scrapped plans to lawsuits.

For more on Judge Doyle Square, check out the following coverage courtesy of Abby:

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