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John Nolen Drive, Blair, Williamson, Wilson intersection (copy)

Motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists navigate their way through the busy intersection of John Nolen Drive and Blair, Williamson and Wilson Streets.

When you're in downtown Madison — whether you're rifling through produce at a farmers' market, sipping a latte at a sidewalk café, or strolling around city hall — it's easy to forget that Lake Monona is often just a few hundred feet away.

That's because of what's in-between downtown and the waterfront at Monona Terrace and the often under-utilized Law Park: A corridor that includes a railroad and the busy John Nolen Drive thoroughfare.

Complicating things is a nearby "hairball intersection," the often dangerous and anxiety-inducing convergence of John Nolen Drive, South Blair Street, Williamson Street and East Wilson Street.

On today's Madsplainers, Abby and Lisa explain what the city is doing to solve the problem of the disconnected downtown and Lake Monona waterfront.

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