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Mayor Paul Soglin speaks during a community public safety meeting in the fall of 2018.

Paul Soglin has served as Madison's mayor for 22 nonconsecutive years, over the span of nearly five decades. He keeps coming back to the position, he says, because he's the best-equipped of any candidate to tackle Madison's challenges.

"Physically, I might be the oldest," said Soglin, who was first elected as mayor in 1973. "In terms of our minds, I'm undoubtedly the youngest."

In the latest episode of the Madsplainers podcast, Soglin speaks with Abby Becker about why voters should give him another four years as mayor in the upcoming election.

You can listen to the episode below, in which he talks about why he decided to run after initially announcing he wouldn't, how he assesses the city's record on racial equity, the projects he's eager to revisit if re-elected, the constraints state laws impose on leading a city, and his fondness for Leo Tolstoy's "War and Peace."

Here's a rundown of who else is in the race:

  • Satya Rhodes-Conway, managing director of the Mayors Innovation Project at the Center on Wisconsin Strategy and a former alder

  • Mo Cheeks, District 10 alder and vice president of business development at MIOsoft Corporation
  • Nick Hart, local comedian

  • Raj Shukla, executive director of River Alliance of Wisconsin and chair of the Sustainable Madison Committee

  • Toriana Pettaway, the racial equity coordinator for the City of Madison

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