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Satya Rhodes-Conway is a former Madison alder and the managing director of the Mayors Innovation Project.

As the managing director of the Mayors Innovation Project within the Center on Wisconsin Strategy, Satya Rhodes-Conway works with cities around the U.S. on everything from stormwater management to economic development.

As she saw other municipalities implement innovative policies and practices, she said, she began to wonder why Madison wasn't following suit. 

"Why don't we have bus rapid transit? Or why can't we have green infrastructure?" she tells Abby Becker on the latest episode of the Madsplainers podcast.

In her interview with Becker, Rhodes-Conway explains why she's running for mayor, how her deep policy background has primed her for the city's top office, and why the giant question mark on the side of the Madison Public Library's downtown branch is her favorite piece of local public art.

You can listen to the interview here:

Here's a rundown of who else is in the race:

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