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Audrey Buchanan, THE WOODS Productions, (far right) moderates the a discussion with, from left to right, Andrew Bentley, Anne Marie Malecha and Alexandra Noboa-Chehade during the Cap Times Idea Fest.

It’s said that Wisconsin has a brain drain — an expression referring to the idea that the state’s young talent ends up leaving for other cities around the country after getting their education here.

At the Cap Times Idea Fest, Millennials from Madison who have found success as entrepreneurs, consultants and business leaders gathered to talk about what they think the city and the state is doing right, and what it needs to do differently, to retain and attract younger demographics. 

The talk featured:

  • Andrew Bentley, an entrepreneur and founder of the brand Father Figure.
  • Anne Marie Malecha, senior vice president for the public relations firm Dezenhall Resources in Washington, D.C.
  • Alexandra Noboa-Chehade, communications coordinator for the Houston Astros.

Audrey Buchanan, the founder of the boutique film production company The Woods, moderated the discussion.

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