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State Debate: Tweeter Scott Walker overlooks Trump debt, insists blogger James Rowen

State Debate: Tweeter Scott Walker overlooks Trump debt, insists blogger James Rowen

Noting the latest tweet from former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker that calls for a balanced budget amendment, Political Environment blogger James Rowen wonders why the ex-gov never says anything about Donald Trump raising the national debt by $5.2 trillion after promising to wipe it out when he became president.

Van Mobley, the conservative president of the suburban Milwaukee village of Thiensville, believes, despite all, that Donald Trump will be re-elected this fall. He contends in a WisOpinion column that it was Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden who got us into this foreign policy and economic mess that Trump is fixing.

In another WisOpinion piece, Madison biotech entrepreneur Jeff Wolf writes that seniors and certain minority groups are going to need a super vaccine to be safe from the coronavirus. He says Congress and the administration need to keep in mind that a one-size-fits-all vaccine won't be enough.

Empower Wisconsin's M.D. Kittle contends that Gov. Tony Evers is trying to weasel out of "tapegate," the name he gives to the governor's office taping a meeting between him and Scott Fitzgerald and Robin Vos. He adds that unlike Harry Truman, the buck never stops at Evers' desk.

Meanwhile, a Right Wisconsin staffer does a story quoting Fitzgerald asking whether the governor is hiding a felon in his office. The GOP kingpin claims that since neither Evers nor the others on the staff knew the meeting was being taped, then whoever did it committed a felony and Evers is protecting him or her.

But, Democurmudgeon blogger John Peterson claims that Fitzgerald and his compatriot in the Legislature, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, are using a tactic called "open questions" in an attempt to smear the governor. It's a trick to spread uncertainty, a tactic honed by Donald Trump, to falsely raise questions about an opponent, he insists.

Another Right Wisconsin report notes that Dane County has issued stricter orders to combat the rising cases of Covid-19 in the area, but makes a point that the order doesn't say anything about the protests that have been sprouting up in Madison in recent weeks and suggests that they have been the real culprit.

Without comment, Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman notes that a Milwaukee committee will take up the issue of requiring face masks for the state's largest city later today. He notes that 30 states currently have some kind of mask requirements in effect.

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