The Racine Journal Times chides Gov. Tony Evers' staff for its "song and dance" over emails. The stance they're taking in denying a television reporter's request for emails between the governor and his chief of staff essentially requires the requester to know what is in the email before getting it. How's that supposed to work?, the paper asks.

Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey is alarmed by a bill now pending before the U.S. Senate that he says will once again hurt our students' science ranking. The bill would allow religion to trump science in school assignments. He wonders which side of evolution Republicans are on. No wonder we can't come to grips with changing climates and anti-vaccine advocates make headway, he says.

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska posts a lengthy piece on a burglary at Ald. Rebecca Kemble's home by a 17-year-old repeat offender and marvels that she still supports more restorative justice measures in the community. Blaska includes a "soliloquy" posted by the "touchy feely" alder regarding the incident. 

In a Right Wisconsin posting, Will Flanders, the research director for the conservative Wisconsin Institute on Law & Liberty and a staunch supporter of voucher schools, contends that recent Department of Public Instruction "report cards" on the state's public schools display the "Lake Wobegon" effect that everyone is above average.

Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman is questioning why U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson is defending the vaping industry. He notes that the senator has cautioned against making "early judgments" on vaping and calls it an important cog in the economy. Important to who?, asks the blogger.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen adds that Johnson not only carries water for Donald Trump on Ukraine, but now he's carrying water for the vaping manufacturers.  Never mind that 2,000 people have been sickened by vaping, not to mention several deaths, Rowen notes.

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