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State Debate: The twin crises, coronavirus and police brutality, dominate the debate

State Debate: The twin crises, coronavirus and police brutality, dominate the debate

Commenting on the Madison riots, Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey laments that we have no national voice to address this shameful behavior. We need a voice with credibility to address the pain that is being felt throughout the country, he adds, but unlike the late Bobby Kennedy, for example, there is none.

Right Wisconsin's James Wigderson doesn't like the comparisons being made about calls for peaceful protests and the wrath that Colin Kaepernick endured from Donald Trump for his peaceful protests by kneeling for the national anthem. Kaepernick disrespected the country that had given him the opportunity be become a millionaire, he claims. Yes, we need to expect better, but end the riots, he writes.

State Sen. Lena Taylor, writing in the Milwaukee Courier, begs to disagree. She sees Kaepernick protesting the very action taken by the Minneapolis police officer who killed George Floyd -- the powerful imagery of one man kneeling to save a life, the other one kneeling to take a life.

Donald Trump already endorsed police violence against suspects in custody, insists Political Environment blogger James Rowen. He recounts Trump's comments in Baltimore during the Freddie Gray protests and highlight what Trump earlier had told New York police, "Please don't be too nice" to thugs.

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska doesn't think Donald Trump has it in him to appear on national television to address the violence plaguing the nation, besides, he adds, no one would believe him anyway. But, he adds, to blame Trump  backers for the vandalism and looting on State Street is ridiculous. How many MAGA caps did you see on State Street, he asks.

Columnist Bill Kaplan, in a WisOpinion piece, comments on the milestones of the coronavirus pandemic, 100,000 dead and 40 million jobless. Yet, Donald Trump and Wisconsin's own Sen. Ron Johnson want to normalize the carnage, Johnson attempting to compare it to automobile accident deaths.

The Racine Journal Times is upset that campgrounds in Wisconsin parks are not yet open. The state ought to be encouraging people to get outside and go camping, the paper editorializes, adding that people can do so safely. It also calls for the opening of restrooms at the state facilities.

The Kenosha News chimes in that meat plants must re-open, but must do so safely. Much is at stake if plants remained closed, especially to the state's farmers who have no place to send animals to market. Proper measures by the plants' management can make workers safe, the paper maintains. 

The Beloit Daily News counsels its readers not to be selfish jerks. In an editorial explaining the rules of proper behavior during a crisis, we all can do our part to defeat the virus by practicing what medicine is telling us to do,

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