Urban Milwaukee's data wonk Bruce Thompson says the data show that raising the minimum wage has had an overwhelming positive effect in states that have done so. He posts several charts and graphs outlining the impact higher minimums have had on poverty levels.

Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy, meanwhile, writes about the ten ways he sees the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel changing because of the recent merger between its owner, Gannett, and Gatehouse Media. He points out how ruthless Gatehouse has been in cutting staff and expenses at the papers it has bought. Expect to see the same in Milwaukee, he predicts.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen points out that national health experts are urging a moratorium on the so-called CAFOs, the huge farming operations suspected of polluting nearby water and air here in Wisconsin. If only Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature would pay attention to those concerns, he adds.

Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey insists that Fox News needs to retract — NOW! — its espionage claim against Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. He calls the insinuation the most shocking display of partisanship yet aired on that network. 

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska isn't impressed with the testimony of ambassador Gordon Sondland during this week's impeachment proceedings, claiming again that Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff continues to look for a "crime to fit the verdict." Witness intimidation? he asks. What about Dems boycotting Sondland's hotels?

In a RightWisconsin posting, Will Flanders of the conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty calls the Milwaukee School District's case in favor of a $640 million referendum "absurd." He pooh-poohs the district's claim that the schools are underfunded and, as a champion of voucher schools, insists that choice schools are a much better bargain. 

On his blog Dom's Domain, Dominique Paul Noth says that Wisconsin Democrats are envious of Virginia where voters flipped the state from red to blue earlier this month. Thanks to severe gerrymandering, Dems here don't have as good a chance, especially in the Senate. Plus, the state Supreme Court is solidly on the side of the conservatives to add to their frustration, he says.

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