Urban Milwaukee's data wonk Bruce Thompson insists that the Texas case challenging the Affordable Care Act could kill it, leaving 18 million Americans without any health coverage. He notes the irony that many of the states supporting the case to declare the ACA unconstitutional are the ones with the most people on Obamacare.

UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank and her vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion, Patrick Sims, proclaim that the university is doing much to meet its commitment to creating a welcoming campus climate. Their statement takes issue with a recent New York Times story on the UW climate for leaving out how strides have been made and not noting that the UW isn't alone in facing difficulties with diversity.

Julie Grace and Patrick Hughes, two staffers with the conservative think tank the Badger Institute, argue that the formula the state uses to determine how much money each county gets for state-supported prosecutors has the perverse incentive for district attorneys to overcharge defendants. It causes local DAs to pad their workload, the two contend.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen posts information that a giant CAFO is leaking manure into the St. Croix River watershed. This is the fourth time that manure spread on fields of the giant farming operation has created problems, Rowen says. 

Meanwhile, the Racine Journal Times editorializes that it's time we keep "forever" chemicals out of our water supplies. The paper notes the problems Madison has had with the fire-fighting PFAS chemicals and adds that the state needs to establish standards as soon as possible before more drinking water is contaminated. 

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