Political Environment blogger James Rowen writes that Sen. Ron Johnson is with Donald Trump on another quid pro quo. He cites Trump's decision to back off restrictions on the vaping industry after being told by Johnson that it could hurt him in next year's election. So he's willing to wimp out on public health in return for votes, Rowen suggests, sort of like the Ukrainian debacle.

Will Flanders of the conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty contends that Donald Trump's "health care price transparency" will wind up lowering costs. Unlike Democrats, Flanders professes, he is bringing a market approach to health care rather than supporting more government intervention.

Former Republican state Rep. Adam Jarchow, now president of Empower Wisconsin, praises the legislators who have stood "strong" against Gov. Tony Evers. If you love freedoms you will oppose Evers' gun legislation, he claims.

Democurmudgeon blogger John Peterson calls the recent movement to declare municipalities and counties sanctuaries for the Second Amendment is the latest "phase of lunacy." He cites Florence County for helping compare Wisconsin to a right-wing southern state. 

Political Heat blogger Chris Walker chimes in to explain why sanctuary counties may violate the Constitution. Comparing gun law enforcement to sanctuary cities that don't pursue undocumented immigrants is comparing apples to oranges, he writes, explaining why.

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska insists that social justice warriors are killing our kids. He quotes social scientist Robert Woodson who wrote recently of Black Lives Matter and other movements that he insists are demonizing police and making black neighborhoods even more unsafe. 

Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman says Republicans should be careful of what they wish for. He notes how vociferously GOP members of the House complained about the closed hearings with impeachment witnesses. So now they're open. Plus, they griped that Donald Trump's side isn't being told, so the president's been invited to testify. 

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