One Wisconsin Now blogs that right-wing supporters of Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly have now gone to court to purge the voting lists before next spring's election. The liberal advocacy group says that the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, which is suing the State Elections Commission to purge voters who have apparently moved, is complicit in the effort. 

Political Environment blogger James Rowen writes that Jimmy Carter puts Donald Trump and his Wisconsin acolytes to shame. He notes how Carter, recovering from another brain surgery at age 95, gave up control of his thriving peanut business when he became president while Trump soaks up money while still controlling his.

Conservative Owen Robinson in his column in the West Bend Daily News says it is time to let colleges athletes be compensated. He emphasizes that he's not advocating that universities pay athletes, but the NCAA should allow them to capitalize on endorsements and other uses of their names.

M.D. Kittle on the Empower Wisconsin site asks what Gov. Tony Evers is hiding. He contends the governor has been denying open records requests since the day he took office, refusing to turn over emails between his office and others requested by conservative news sites. The mainstream media is now learning how secretive the governor is, he insists.

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska compares Madison to San Francisco, contending that progressive policies have caused similar problems in both cities — homelessness and the demonizing of police. He faults the mayor for pushing an independent police auditor, but failing to add officers in her first budget. 

Democurmudgeon blogger John Peterson is discouraged by the turn of events in Wisconsin where, he's afraid, it will take years to turn around the current control of government represented by the likes of Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald. He says late-stage capitalism has managed to twist our judgment. 

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