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State Debate: Racine Journal Times joins the open up now cry, insisting all businesses are essential

State Debate: Racine Journal Times joins the open up now cry, insisting all businesses are essential

Instead of differentiating between essential and nonessential businesses, which is truly a matter of opinion, the state should decided that all businesses are essential and allow them all to re-open as long as they put in place rules and devices to keep everyone safe, editorializes the Racine Journal Times. All businesses, after all, are essential, the paper declares.

A Wausau cardiothoracic surgeon, Fernando "Fritz" Riveron, in a column carried on WisOpinion, also issues a "call to open." He writes that the initial stay at home order was to give hospitals and care facilities time to ramp up. It was never intended to stop the virus, which is impossible, he says until we develop "herd immunity."

Meanwhile, Political Environment blogger James Rowen insists there's more proof that the coronavirus crisis has turned the old Party of Lincoln into a death cult, pointing to Donald Trump's continued insistence on reopening states while 3,000 are dying each day and the Wisconsin GOP's support of that notion.

Democurmudgeon blogger John Peterson chimes in, writing that the public is fascinated by protesters dying to get back to work. Peterson insists that many of those small mobs of protesters are adolescent bullies who have to be reminded to keep their Confederate flags and Nazi signs at home.

Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman asks if you remember when the Act 10 protesters stormed the State Capitol with their AR-15s? Nope, neither can I, he answers his own question.

In another WisOpinion piece, columnist Bill Kaplan points out that the pandemic has exposed the U.S. as a country of "haves and have nots." The administration continues to bumble, showing how GOP cuts to the IRS and a continued reliance on outdated computer equipment has made even relief for businesses and individuals terribly inefficient.

David Blaska blogs about an annual motorcycle rally called the Slimey Cud Ride through Sauk County last weekend in which he has participated for many years. He notes the number of riders was significantly down thanks to the pandemic, but describes the ride as "no helmets, no masks, no worries."

But, there's more than coronavirus on the day's commentary. Right Wisconsin's James Wigderson is in a tither over the appointment of former One Wisconsin Now director Scott Ross to the ethics commission. Wigderson insists that Ross is an over the top liberal who tweets obscenities against Republicans and he should be "bleeped" from serving on the commission.

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