Political Environment blogger James Rowen notes the negative impact on the city of Milwaukee because of the decision allowing city workers to live in the suburbs instead of where they work. The attack on residency ordinances was initiated by legislative Republicans back in 2015, he recalls, an action that was sanctioned by the Supreme Court. Now the workers are leaving in droves, he says.

Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman attributes the Lafayette County Board's recent broadside against First Amendment rights to Trump's America. There was a time when even the most basic of governmental units understood that in America you can't threaten to prosecute the media for writing stories.

Urban Milwaukee's data wonk Bruce Thompson discusses what he calls the charter school dilemma. He says they do better than traditional public schools and are favored by most blacks, but opposed by most whites. He explores how that has all come to be.

On the right-wing Empower Wisconsin blog, M.D. Kittle blasts Gov. Tony Evers for using the term bastards in referring to the Republican-controlled State Senate. Here was a man who promised to bring civility to Wisconsin government, Kittle complains. Scott Walker would never have gone this far, he adds. 

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska tells about his interview on school board member Ali Muldrow's "far left wing" radio show and how he survived to write about it. For a progressive, he intones, she has a sense of humor, something he finds surprising.

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