Michael Bloomberg's  entry into the presidential primary has Dominique Paul Noth exploring Democratic anxiety about it all. The fact that Democrats can't seem to come together over things like a wealth tax has prompted the Bloomberg candidacy, he says on his blog. Now there's a panic about what will happen and how Dems need to react to it.

Oh, please, just what we need, another geriatric billionaire, bemoans Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman over the Bloomberg announcement. As if we didn't have enough candidates already, he says.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen says he can't wait for the outrage from Republicans Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald over Gov. Tony Evers' plan to erect a "holiday" tree in the Capitol Rotunda under the theme "Celebrate Science."  Like their ex-governor, they feel the need to stand strong in the face of "fake science," he adds, facetiously.

Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy reports on a rift between the city of Milwaukee's Harbor Commission and the organization that annually puts on Summerfest. Seems that Mayor Tom Barrett's suggestions that Summerfest organizers pay more to cover the cost of policing the event has ruffled feathers. Summerfest organizers didn't show at a recent meeting, Murphy notes, angering city staff.

On the right-wing Empower Wisconsin blog, M.D. Kittle expresses delight over Republican legislators' refusal to "fall" for Gov. Tony Evers' "gun show." It was all political theater, Kittle contends, put on by the usual liberal cabal which, of course, recruited children to demonstrate. 

Meanwhile, RightWisconsin's James Wigderson chortles over the quickly ended special session, quoting Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald that he knows liberals are out to take away people's guns and he's not going to allow that to happen. 

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