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State Debate: Janet Yellen, the State Supreme Court and Parler all in the crosshairs today

State Debate: Janet Yellen, the State Supreme Court and Parler all in the crosshairs today

The Racine Journal Times contends that Janet Yellen, President-elect Joe Biden's pick to lead the Federal Reserve, should withdraw her nomination to the post because of the several millions of dollars she accepted in speaking fees since last serving in the government. Her ties to corporate America are too close for comfort, the paper editorializes.

In a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel guest  column former Wisconsin Cong. Reid Ribble, a Republican, and former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold, a Democrat, join in urging that the Wisconsin State Supreme Court not be put in the middle of a messing redistricting fight. The two former members of Congress are worried, however, that the court is welcoming such a move which would be a serious departure from previous redistricting fights. It should stay with the federal courts, the two argue.

Speaking of the court, Political Environment blogger James Rowen comments that it has now given gerrymandered district legislators fresh power to challenge the Department of Natural Resources and threaten Wisconsin waters with lax regulations and rules.

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska sees clowns on the left and jokers on the right as America becomes the Weimar Republic, preparing to go to battle with each other until each is destroyed.

Since the right-wing website Parler has been kicked off many social media sites, Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey is sarcastically wondering if its users will now start reading books instead. He praises the likes of Apple and Google for taking the apps off their stores and Twitter and Facebook for prohibiting its use.

M.D. Kittle of the right-wing Empower Wisconsin website launches another attack on Gov. Tony Evers, contending that his handling of the COVID vaccine is a fiasco. He claims Evers is trying to blame the Trump administration for the slowness in distributing the vaccines while it is he who is to blame.

Blogger Bill Stokes writes that in face of all the mayhem being visited on our country these days, we might be wise to do what our first grade teachers taught us so many years ago -- start each morning with a song. The one he has in mind is "Good morning to you, we're all in our places with sunshiny faces." That way maybe we can ignore the fact that 45 percent of Republicans in America think the attempted coup by the mob at the Capitol was quite ok.

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