State Debate: James Rowen knocks Robin Vos' criticism of Tony Evers' stay at home order

State Debate: James Rowen knocks Robin Vos' criticism of Tony Evers' stay at home order

Political Environment blogger James Rowen proclaims that Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has nothing to say, but says it anyway. He chides Vos for complaining about Gov. Tony Evers' "stay at home" order as creating confusion. This from the same politician who engineered secret gerrymandering and lame duck legislation to sow confusion in the state, he writes.

Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey contends that Donald Trump's ineptitude might cause people to die.  He calls attention to Trump's Department of Homeland Security ending pandemic monitoring in 2017, a job that it was doing since 2005. This is what happens when politicians show a disregard for government services, he adds.

In a RightWisconsin posting, the right-wing MacIver Institute questions Tony Evers' "draconian" shutdown of all but essential Wisconsin businesses. It implies the action is questionable because cases of coronavirus haven't been increasing in recent days even as health officials predict 1,500 in the state may die.

Business blogger John Torinus comments on dealing with a "double-edged" sword -- the coronavirus crisis and depression. While we need to take care of each other's health, we also need a massive infusion into the economy, he says, urging Congress to act immediately to spend up to $3 trillion.

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska calls out The Capital Times for a story this week detailing an incident at Lowell Elementary School that he suggests must have been written by former Madison school superintendent Jennifer Cheatham. The blogger says it's just another typical Madison liberal account that predictably evolves into charges of racism. 

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