In a guest column for the Milwaukee Courier, state Rep. LaKeshia Myers suggests that the gains inspired by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. have eroded in Wisconsin over the years. She adds that there is no longer a single person to lead the way, but instead all African-Americans need to get involved to make things better.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen notes that as Wisconsin's winter has finally turned brutal, the Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature still won't release funds aimed at helping homeless people in the state.

The Racine Journal Times editorializes that there are lessons to be learned by businesses, nonprofits and governmental bodies from the embezzlement case against local parks superintendent James Svoboda. All need to understand the importance of checks and balances and the need for constant oversight, the paper says

Madison's rightie  blogger David Blaska takes on the New York Times' op-ed columnist Frank Bruni who insisted last week that Republican senators are bathed in shame over their reactions to the impeachment trial. The blogger writes that the Democrats in the House and Senate are just as shameful.

Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman comments on the report that several Americans actually suffered injuries in the Iranian attack on Iraqi air bases that housed U.S. military members. In other words, they were lying when they initially claimed no one was hurt, he adds, and that makes him wonder if there are further lies.

RightWisconsin's James Wigderson thinks that state Sen. Tom Tiffany, engaged in a primary battle for the GOP nomination for the 7th District Congressional seat, shouldn't be introducing a resolution to put the state Legislature on record against the House's impeachment decision. Tiffany calls the impeachment process a "distraction," Wigderson notes, but ironically his action ensures a distraction in the state Legislature.

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