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State Debate: Impeachment vote has the commentators buzzing

State Debate: Impeachment vote has the commentators buzzing

The Racine Journal Times takes its hat off to the ten Republicans in the House who stood up and voted yes to impeach Donald Trump. They were honoring the words of the late Gen. Douglas MacArthur who proclaimed to a graduating class of West Pointers a half century ago "duty, honor, country," the paper's editorial says.

Democurmudgeon blogger John Peterson lambastes Wisconsin Cong. Glenn Grothman for his defense of Donald Trump and for claiming that people are afraid of a new government that got here by "teaming up with Black Lives Matter, founded by Marxists."

Right Wisconsin's James Wigderson posts the comments from all five Wisconsin GOP House members and notes that even Cong. Mike Gallagher of Green Bay voted against impeachment although he earlier had compared the Capitol riots to "banana republic crap."

Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey was disappointed with the Wisconsin GOP congressmen. He writes he was looking for at least some of them to recognize the gravity of what Trump had inspired a mob to do. He commends 2nd District Cong. Mark Pocan for explaining that it was our "constitutional duty" to impeach.

In a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel guest column, Peter Kranstover, a retired foreign affairs officer who lives in Cedarburg, questions the objections of Ron Johnson, Tom Tiffany and Scott Fitzgerald to the Electoral College vote. They were burnishing their right-wing credentials, disguised as men of the people, he writes. He calls for them and the rest of us who never find a need to do so to apologize and work together.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen chastises Republican members of the Assembly for continuing to ignore coronavirus safety rules, ordering members to attend committee meetings in person, but not requiring attendees to wear masks. They're sticking to their refusal to recognize science, whether its climate change, water pollution or the virus, he writes.

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska launches a broadside against Brandi Grayson, who is challenging 14th District Ald. Sheri Carter in the spring election for Madison City Council. He calls Grayson a "cop-hater with a bullhorn" and adds he can't understand why the left feels it needs to challenge Carter.

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"There will be more litigation, and Gov. Evers will have to have his veto pen at the ready to block Vos' gerrymandered maps. But this is a fight that can, and must, be won in order to restore the will of the people as the guiding premise for Wisconsin elections."