In a column that appears on Urban Milwaukee and other state media, veteran state political columnist Steve Walters tells what led to the historic firing of Tony Evers' ag secretary. He suggests that it was all because Evers never served in the Legislature and legislative leaders decided to tell him that he doesn't consider them equals or understand how legislators work.

The Beloit Daily News calls the firing of Brad Pfaff the "new normal" at the state Capitol. This is the price of excessive and unreasoning partisanship, the paper says, and it doesn't make for good government. Republicans need to remember, it adds, that what goes around, comes around and someday they may be in for retaliation.

RightWisconsin's Aaron Rodriquez thinks Gov. Tony Evers is making a mistake by referring to the tree in the Capitol Rotunda as a "holiday" tree. It really isn't making the tree inclusive, he writes, and besides only offends some people for little or no reason. He's also not so sure that Evers' call to give the tree a science theme isn't an anti-religious metaphor.

Another conservative, M.D. Kittle on Empower Wisconsin, joins the controversy over the tree.  He's convinced that the science theme is indeed an attack on religion, in fact the whole idea of a holiday tree "killed Christmas," he asserts.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen can't believe that Wisconsin's U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson continues to appear on talk shows to reveal how sympathetic he is to Donald Trump's Ukrainian phone call. He came under fire for his blatant partisanship earlier this month, Rowen points out, because he'll need to serve as a juror in the impeachment proceedings. Yet, he does it again.

As the U.S. Supreme Court listened to arguments on DACA Tuesday, UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank issued a statement to reiterate the university's support for "Dreamers." She lists the actions that the school has taken to support the act and the reasons why.

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