Democurmudgeon blogger John Peterson calls out the meat locker Maloney's Baloney for insisting that chronic wasting disease is nothing more than fear mongering by the DNR and, therefore, it won't process your deer if it is tested. Peterson says it's an example of fear mongering in the Trump era which would be comical if not so dangerously reckless. Yes, go ahead and eat your diseased deer, he adds.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen takes on a recent tweet by former Gov. Scott Walker in which Walker claims that Elizabeth Warren's health care plan would balloon the national debt. He completely ignores what his hero, Donald Trump, has done to the debt since taking office, Rowen points out. 

Urban Milwaukee's data wonk Bruce Thompson wonders if government can break the promises it made to health insurers. At issue are the changes made to Obamacare by the Trump administration which effectively reneged on the rules that insurers accepted. The courts will decide the issue, he notes.

Right Wisconsin's James Wigderson claims that Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes is thankful to complain about America on Thanksgiving Day. He took to Twitter to air his grievances about the country, apparently confusing Thanksgiving with Festivus, he writes.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, Blogging Blue's Ed Heinizelman says he's confused about what it really is. Some say George Washington declared a thanksgiving celebration first. Others say it dates to the pilgrims and Indians. Still others claim otherwise and now Donald Trump complains that there's a war on against Thanksgiving. 

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