Political Environment blogger James Rowen notes the contrast between Gov. Tony Evers and his predecessor Scott Walker. Evers declared Monday Indigenous Peoples Day in Wisconsin while only six years ago Walker signed a bill making it tougher to get schools to rid themselves of nicknames Native Americans found insulting, Rowen writes.  

Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman is aghast at the propaganda value that the situation in Syria and the drama of the Kurds is affording U.S. enemies. He cites a video that shows Russians occupying a military base that until just hours before was occupied by U.S. troops. 

Blogger Chris Liebenthal posts that ethics experts insist that Wisconsin U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson dropped the ball in his reaction to a phone call in which he asked Donald Trump whether there was a quid pro quo over aid to Ukraine and dirt on Joe Biden. Johnson should have notified others of his contact, the experts contend.

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska is all over the "secularists" and Freedom from Religion people who complain about Attorney General William Barr giving a religious speech at Notre Dame and the protests against "Jesus Lunches" at area high schools. He accuses the naysayers of being intolerable "leftists."

The Racine Journal Times is surprised that a new co-op grocery store is asking Racine County to give it a $700,000-plus loan to remodel a building it bought and open the store. The paper is opposed to the proposal, editorializing that the store is welcome, but it needs to compete like everyone else. 

The La Crosse Tribune has good things to say about the "All In Wisconsin" plan recently adopted by the UW Board of Regents to spread the word about what university campuses mean to the economy and culture of the state. The paper seconds the idea that the campuses need to get pro-active over telling their stories.

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