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State Debate: Elected Supreme Court, China tariffs, Big Ten football, student punishment, all get debated

State Debate: Elected Supreme Court, China tariffs, Big Ten football, student punishment, all get debated

The Beloit Daily News calls the Wisconsin Supreme Court a continuing affront to Wisconsin's citizens. The paper points out that justices should not be partisan politicians, yet that's exactly what they have become as Democrats and Republicans wade in to elect those whose philosophies mirror theirs. That's why, the paper adds, that it supports an appointed court, not an elected one.

Don't harshly punish college students for normal behavior, cautions the Racine Journal Times. The paper points out that some universities are expelling students and refusing to refund their tuition and room and board payments. Yes, it's the school's prerogative to determine who can stay in school if they violate rules, but they're setting themselves up for lawsuits if they believe they can just keep the money, the paper editorializes. 

Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey, who has opposed the playing of Big Ten football this fall, says we'll soon find out whether the decision to go ahead with fall season is wise or a total disaster. We'll see if science and data win out and football fans stay safe or if we'll watch a pandemic disaster if they congregate in tailgate parties and packed rooms full of booze.

Dane County farmer Mike Duerst, in a column that appears on WisOpinion, says Donald Trump will lose working people's votes if he insists on continuing the tariffs on China. Joe Biden, on the other hand, can win farm and workers' votes if he make it clear he will end the tariffs which he insists have served to hurt American workers.

In an Urban Milwaukee column, Wisconsin Common Cause director Jay Heck says that while the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles is doing the best it can to issue voter ID cards, thousands are still in danger of not getting one. He says the DMV needs more satellite locations and more funds to meet the need of voters this fall.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen accuses Wisconsin U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson of intensifying the corruption of his Senate committee, using taxpayer money to fund a phony investigation all aimed at sliming Donald Trump's opponent weeks before an election. Rowen calls Johnson's moves the "dirtiest of last-minute distractions."

Forward Lookout blogger Brenda Konkel posts the city attorney's memo on what kind of action the Council can take to penalize an alder who used the "c" word during a debate at a recent meeting. Konkel is certain the person who used the word is Ald. Paul Skidmore and she frets that the Council didn't get the memo in time to take action on it Tuesday night. It should act quickly, she adds.

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