As Milwaukee deals with the destruction caused along its lakeshore by weeks of high winds over higher than normal lake levels, Political Environment blogger James Rowen recalls that the U.S. EPA warned Great Lakes mayors way back in 2003 that intense and heavy rains would become common in the years ahead. Rowen, who worked for then Mayor John Norquist, remembers the environmental agency recommending that the cities take aggressive action to deal with water related dangers.

Milwaukee journalist Dan Shafer has launched a new blog he calls Recombobulation Area and in a new post, he suggests as Donald Trump visits the city today we remember his "Eighth Wonder of the World" — the Foxconn development in Racine County. Trump, along with former Gov. Scott Walker, made a huge deal of the Foxconn plant, claiming it would bring jobs and wealth to the state. Shafer says the development is now a debacle.

Speaking of Trump, Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey complains that despite promises from his daughter Ivanka that the new administration would do something about parental leave, absolutely nothing has been done. Trump simply pays lip service to the concept, the blogger charges.

RightWisconsin posts Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher's statement on the House's war powers resolution that passed 224-194 last week. Gallagher criticizes House Democrats for introducing the resolution and hints that it wasn't serious in the first place. 

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska comments on the "fickle" demonstrators in Iraq. First, they protest the U.S. for Donald Trump's "bold" action of taking out Gen. Soleimani, but then demonstrate against their government when discovering that Iran brought down the Ukrainian airliner. He suggests that "Death to -------- (fill in the blank)" would be appropriate these days.

The Racine Journal Times reminds its readers to check their IDs before traveling. Starting in October, in order to fly from a U.S. airport, passengers will be required to have a "Real ID," one with a star in the upper right hand corner. Although Wisconsin has been ahead of the curve in replacing drivers licenses with the new ID, 60% of Wisconsin citizens still do not have them, the Journal Times says.

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