Political Environment blogger James Rowen has some fun with the label being used to describe what he calls the bad idea of using Madison's South Beltline shoulders as an extra traffic lane —"dynamic part-time shoulder use." You'd think, though, they could come up with something better to dress up what is a bad plan, he says, and helps out with a list of synonyms ranging from aggressive to zippy.

Republicans think that our health care is normal and should be profitable, writes John Peterson on his Democurmudgeon blog. Most experts agree, he says, that on the contrary, U.S. health care is a total mess and needs a dramatic overhaul.

The old Democrats show their mettle, writes Dominique Paul Noth on his blog, Dom's Domain. He cites House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's response to a reporter who asked her if she hated Donald Trump and Joe Biden's rebuke to a questioner who wrongly stated that Biden had got his son Hunter a job in Ukraine.

M.D. Kittle, on the conservative Empower Wisconsin site, claims that "liberals" have gone off half-cocked on gun control.  He criticizes Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes for his remarks about guns after an incident in an Oshkosh school that involved a knife, not a gun.

But, Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey takes a wider look at gun violence, listing incidents that occurred in just one day. They've become so common that we've come to think it's the norm. That will continue as long as our politicians lack the spine to tackle the gun problem once and for all.

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