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State Debate: Columnist Kaplan calls Ron Johnson's criticism of Biden 'ignorant and racist'

State Debate: Columnist Kaplan calls Ron Johnson's criticism of Biden 'ignorant and racist'

Columnist Bill Kaplan, in a WisOpinion posting, says that U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson's comments on President Biden's Tulsa speech was ignorant and racist. Johnson implied that Biden was being divisive, the opposite of what he promised to do when elected, Kaplan notes. Johnson's the one who has been dividing the country for the past several years, the columnist points out, citing his claim that the Jan. 6th insurrection wasn't anything to worry about, but had they been Black Lives Matter protesters, he would have been concerned.

Meanwhile, Democurmudegeon blogger John Peterson calls attention to Johnson's support of motorcycling, apparently unaware that his hero, Donald Trump, had trashed Wisconsin's Harley-Davidson and called for a boycott of the iconic motorcycle manufacturer.

In the wake of the George Floyd murder, law enforcement needs to explore alternative ideas to policing, says the Racine Journal Times, and Racine's community policing would be a good place to start. The paper touts the department's work with other local agencies in responding to police calls, including involving mental health personnel.

In a guest column he sent to several newspapers around the state and to WisOpinion, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos contends that Wisconsin needs to end the federal $300 subsidy to unemployment compensation. We need to encourage workers to get back to the work force, he maintains.

Columnist Steve Walters in a piece for the Janesville Gazette explores the surprise budget surplus that the Legislative Fiscal Bureau announced last week. He says the irony is that the $4.4 billion increase, much of which is attributed to the fall out from the pandemic, will spark an intense battle between the Legislature and the governor in how it should be used.

The right-wing website Empower Wisconsin posts a column by the Federalist's Mollie Hemmingway on YouTube's suspension of Ron Johnson over what it says are false claims about coronavirus remedies, including hydroxychloroquine. But the verdict on those drugs is still out, she quotes others as saying. 

On his Recombobulation blog, Dan Shafer announces a multi-part series of blog posts on the planned expansion of I-94 in Milwaukee and what it portends for the city's future. He will explore whether Milwaukee really wants another mega-highway expansion that in the past have exacerbated the city's already onerous racial divide.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen posts an imaginary interview with Assembly Speaker Robin Vos in which Vos and his Republican colleagues answers questions about hoe they handled the problems of 2020. 

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