Political columnist Bill Kaplan has some advice for Gov. Tony Evers. In a column that appears on WisOpinion, Kaplan suggests that despite all the in-your-face actions by legislative Republicans since Evers' election, the governor should start charming them. Invite them to the governor's mansion, he says, and open a dialogue so that both sides start talking again.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen says Donald Trump's real message to Foxconn is "don't cost me votes in Wisconsin." He insinuates that that's the real reason that Foxconn's Terry Gou made a surprise visit to Milwaukee to insist that everything's on track for the heavily-subsidized development.

Will Flanders, the research director for the conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, contends that the Milwaukee School District's upcoming $640 million referendum could cost the state an additional $200 million. In a Right Wisconsin posting, Flanders says that's because it will affect state aids. 

Former state Rep. Adam Jarchow, the founder of the conservative website he calls Empower Wisconsin, takes on Madison's "liberal liberal" state Rep. Chris Taylor's statements that hearing F-35s gave her a nauseating headache. Jarchow contends that for most Americans the sound of the jet is "the sound of freedom."

On his blog Dom's Domain, Dominique Paul Noth doesn't agree with Michael Bloomberg that the field of candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination is weak. He finds the candidates are actually of high caliber, but susceptible to overstatement which gets them in media trouble.

If you want to ensure that the packages delivered to your door when you aren't home aren't stolen, just label them "books," blogs David Blaska. He tells the story of a package being stolen only to be discarded when the thief was disappointed to find it contained only a book. 

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