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State Debate: Bloggers decry the unimaginable suffering caused by Wisconsin's wolf hunt

State Debate: Bloggers decry the unimaginable suffering caused by Wisconsin's wolf hunt

Blogger Bill Stokes considers the start of a wolf hunt in Wisconsin one of the cruelest remnants of recent GOP indecency. The seven-day hunt was forced on the state, he points out, including allowing the use of leg-hold traps, that inflict unimaginable suffering on an animal. The hunt is one more instance of basic decisions involving decency and humanity being made by small interest groups with guns and traps.

And Political Environment blogger James Rowen says he wishes that state government and Wisconsin's "sporting" lobbies would quit referring to it as a "harvest." It's a killing, he says, as he calls out the conservative and Bradley Foundation-supported Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty for its role in getting a Jefferson County judge to approve it over the DNR's disapproval.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos struts while Gov. Tony Evers problem-solves, insists columnist Bill Kaplan in a WisOpinion piece. His request of Evers to lower the state and American flags to honor Rush Limbaugh was just the latest in his efforts to be a provocateur, he says, adding that he was pecking away at the governor even before he was sworn in.

In a Right Wisconsin posting, Republican State Sen. Chris Kapenga says the Legislature needs to consider the dangers of legalizing marijuana use. Yes, some states have gone down this road, but that doesn't have to mean Wisconsin does, he proclaims.

Another suburban Milwaukee legislator, State Rep. Barbara Dittrich writes on the MacIver Institute blog that pot is not the panacea that is being presented to the public. She claims it is a false narrative that marijuana isn't a gateway drug, leading to addictive drugs down the line.

In a Milwaukee Courier column, State Sen. Lena Taylor writes that a prison sentence doesn't equal a death sentence. She opposes a bill being circulated in the Legislature to prevent prisoners from being prioritized for COVID-19 vaccines, pointing out that because of crowded conditions prisoners have a greater chance of catching what can be a deadly virus.

An editorial in the Racine Journal Times claims there are many unintended consequences from raising the minimum wage. While it could lift 900,000 Americans out of poverty, the Congressional Budget Office says it will increase unemployment  by 1.4 million and that's not a good trade off.

The Janesville Gazette is happy with the news that Rock County is making progress against the COVID-19 virus as new infections drop and fewer people are in the hospital while vaccines are progressing nicely. And, the fact that hand washing, masking and social distancing has also practically stopped the normal flu virus adds to the good news.

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