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State Debate: Are the rich really overtaxed?, asks Urban Milwaukee's data wonk

State Debate: Are the rich really overtaxed?, asks Urban Milwaukee's data wonk

Are the rich overtaxed?, asks Urban Milwaukee's data wonk Bruce Thompson. That's what some conservatives claim, he writes, but how much of the total tax burden are they including? He posts a number of charts and graphs that show that isn't exactly the case.

Meanwhile, Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy says that college graduates are deserting the Republican Party while the less educated are leaving the Democrats. He wonders how this phenomenon will change the state and explores what the future might bring.

In a Wisconsin Examiner commentary, Julie Kerksick and Kali Grant detail how they believe employment can be boosted for people facing tough times. They tout a national subsidized employment program as one answer.

Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey posts a picture from the Waushara Argus of a packed indoor Waushara County public hearing with no one wearing masks or socially distanced. He comments that it's a reason medical people are worried that the coronavirus may mutate once again and become immune to the vaccines. He adds that the county voted 66% for Donald Trump.

The Eau Claire Leader Telegram is happy to see legislators discussing mental health and views it as an encouraging sign. It notes recent studies showing the extent of mental health problems throughout the state and the fact that both Republicans and Democrats are seeing fit to recognize those studies may mean something will finally be done about it.

On his Boots and Sabers blog, conservative Owen Robinson notes that the statues of Miss Forward and Hans Christian Heg have been reinstalled on Capitol Square after being torn down by rioters. He notes federal money helped pay for it and questions why taxpayer money has to go for something like this when locals ought to be paying for it.

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