Dear Editor: Madison City Council District 2 is a vibrant and diverse district, and there is only one candidate in the race for District 2 alder with the energy and experience to move the district forward — Jim White.

Jim is a dedicated community organizer. He has spent the last three years as the head of the Madison Isthmus Neighborhood Team, working to get progressives elected to national, statewide, and local offices. The countless hours Jim has put in knocking on doors, talking to his neighbors, and organizing his neighborhood helped fuel the high turnout on the isthmus in recent elections. Jim knows how to work with community members and stakeholders to achieve progressive goals.

Jim is also the only choice in this race who will effectively represent renters and students in the district. As rents have continued to rise on the isthmus, those impacted the most have had the least power. Renters have seen the prices they pay rise, while their voices have been ignored by both those in government and in private enterprise. As the only renter in this race, Jim is the right choice for renters and students who need someone on the council to look out for their interests — not just those of developers and homeowners.

Jim White is a dedicated community organizer, a proven progressive, and a renter. On April 2, vote Jim White for District 2 alder.

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Zebulon Patek


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