Dear Editor: I enjoyed some very good replies to freelancer Kevin Murphy's question to people of what to do about neo-Nazis and white nationalists. Now you should pose a similar question to people as to how they should regard "Antifa," the organized "alt-left," armed anarchist thugs, the presence of whom actually caused the Charlottesville violence, as they attacked the original protesters who had a legal permit to gather, which "Antifa" did not. "Antifa"-driven violence also occurred in Berkeley, and there were no "neo-Nazis" to use for an excuse.

You should also direct this question to city police commissioners and mayors, for those officials in Charlottesville and Berkeley certainly didn't set the standard for law enforcement during their respective violent encounters, but rather, as a result of their responses, should be removed from office for dereliction of duty. Let's see how other cities would view "Antifa" and the likelihood they would bring violence to their cities.

William Siems


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