Dear Editor: Congressman Pocan is correct to be concerned about Wisconsin's dairy farmers, which makes his focus on the partisan impeachment so disappointing. Instead of complaining about Trump, why doesn't he persuade Speaker Pelosi to put the USMCA on the floor for passage? Pocan knows passage of the USMCA will expand and ensure access to Canadian and Mexican markets for all our farmers — including dairy farmers. No one denies, and everyone agrees, that the USMCA improves conditions for Wisconsin farmers.

Pocan and Pelosi are holding the USMCA, and along with it our dairy farmers, hostage to the Democrats ill-considered political whims and strategies. Instead of generating an impeachment distraction while our dairy farmers suffer, why not pass USMCA so Trump, Pocan, Pelosi, and our dairy farmers can all enjoy a shared victory together? Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy a bipartisan victory this Thanksgiving?

Van Mobley


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