Dear Editor: As an American, I stand with the people of Hong Kong. Hongkongers need to fight for their freedom, their values and their liberties. They need to keep taking to the streets and keep talking loud. As an American, I stand with the people of Hong Kong because they value democracy. They evaluate individual liberty, justice and fairness for everyone. When the British Empire collapsed, in 1997, Hong Kong was handed over from Great Britain to the People's Republic of China, China assured the British Crown, Hong Kong to rights and protections. They would be nurtured and preserved. It's been clear, but this has not been the case for the last 23 years.

We are seeing journalists being silenced and in some cases, killed. We see presses and newspapers silenced. We are witnessing violence in the streets of Hong Kong. We see chaos everywhere. Because one hostile power wants to control, but the people in Hong Kong will not be dictated. They will not adhere to this hostile power. They have a vision for their future and their people. Hong Kong will have freedoms. If Hong Kong wants justice and civility among the region, they're going to have to fight for it. Taking to the streets protesting, lobbying in any capacity, foreign or regional, resisting and using how democracy gives — and getting the world behind them. If Hongkongers want freedom, their time to fight is right now.

Tyler Fahey

Dubuque, Iowa

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