Dear Editor: I am writing in reference to the article "Explained: Compromise proves difficult in Edgewood High School stadium standoff." I am a 30-year resident of the Edgewood neighborhood and own a business on Regent Street. I have a strong commitment to helping ensure that this truly wonderful community continues to thrive.

Change is inevitable and we are already seeing it on Monroe Street with new multiuse buildings and businesses coming in. This will enrich livability and add to what is already a very vibrant part of the city.

What distresses me is Edgewood High School's persistence in trying to make a change that will largely benefit people outside the immediate area while negatively impacting those right here. We live in a society where we value the right to do as you wish within the confines of one’s own property, but we also have a collective agreement that this right does not trump the responsibility to do no harm to one’s neighbor in the process.

The thought of nonstop amplified sound and crowd noise that will not be able to be moderated terrifies me. We will be subjected to this on an almost-continuous basis. Games being played not only by EHS teams but various other outside entities three seasons of the year will mean constant disruption.

Edgewood has asked for our support and understanding, but where is their regard for us?

Trying to reach a “compromise” is absurd. What a compromise will mean is one foot in the door leading to what Edgewood really wants: full rein to do as they wish. Build it and they will come — and what will be lost to the neighborhood character and those of us with homes within yards of this stadium will never be recovered.

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Tracy Lewis


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