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Tim White: Light pollution robbing us of the stars

Tim White: Light pollution robbing us of the stars

Dear Editor: Few would deny the sense of awe when looking up at a gem-filled sky or catching a falling star. Sadly, our connection with the stars is limited by light pollution. Major culprits of light pollution are businesses who elect to bathe the night sky with their garish lights and advertisements. Many leave their lights on continually, a waste of energy as well as an obtrusive light source. Particular thieves of dark skies are truck stops and service centers that emblaze on and off ramps, robbing us of a connection with the cosmos.

The theft of the heavens is ongoing. The good news is we have technology to limit glaring light sources, and many communities have forwardly enacted dark sky regulations. If corporate America is left unchecked we risk losing our connection to our origins, the stars. Kids deserve the wonderment of the stars; it is a gift our generation needs to pass on to the next in line.

Tim White


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