Dear Editor: Regarding the Madison mayor's proposed budget provision — I do recall that it was in the early 1980s when County Supervisor Lyman Anderson proposed a county wheel tax. At the time we were able to bring up the obvious issue, regarding a tax structured to be quite regressive. In other words, everyone would pay the same yearly amount, regardless of income, vehicle, etc. This was, and is, oppressive to working families who must run their vehicles to get to work and to child care. The percentage of income that working people pay with such a "wheel tax" is obviously far greater than those in more comfortable situations. The "wheel tax" could easily be altered so that the maximum amount to be paid would be assessed on new vehicles, and not assessed at all after the vehicle is a certain age. This is much easier to do these days since all the information is on computers and cheaply accessible to the municipality. And since much modern job availability is now in TIFs and industrial parks at the edge of the city or beyond, public transportation is not a short-term option for many working people. Please keep the city a balanced place and do not overburden workers with unnecessary taxes.

Thomas Murn


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