Dear Editor: During recent legislation in Madison pertaining to the wireless 5G and all the details of 5G, I say, “so what? I

f you live in the rural areas of this state like I do, you won’t see it for a very long time due to the limitations of 5G itself. 5G will first appear in areas of concentrated population. Sound familiar? Living in the rural areas of this state, we are still dealing with the digital divide when it comes to broadband service. Dollars spent related to broadband by former Gov. Walker was nothing short of peeing in the ocean, how’s that working? Gov. Evers proposed $78 million for the budget but the Joint Finance Committee passed $60 million. I’m sure that the Republican controlled Finance Committee is patting itself on the back and touting, "look what we did." Until there is a fiber optic cable backbone (a super broadband highway) across all of this state serving the entire rural areas of this state, no bragging allowed.

The state broadband office under the Public Service Commission (PSC) will be working with $48 million for broadband grants coming up. Employees at the PSC are probably still in shock at the dollars they have to work with and what they had to work with in the past under former Gov. Walker.

Terry Nichols


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