Dear Editor: Public schools should implement a policy of uniform clothing to enhance the learning environment for students to be successful.

In many private schools in America, as well as educational institutions in various countries around the world, school uniform is the norm. In Asia, I grew up wearing school uniforms throughout my educational journey, up until entering a university. There are students who do not like wearing school uniforms. But the educational journey is not about doing what one likes, but about following rules, having a proper routine, gaining knowledge, and being strong enough to face life’s challenges.

School uniform removes distractions from the classroom. When everyone is wearing the same uniform, students can really focus on their learning, rather than the variety of clothes and accessories among peers. It allows everyone to be on the same page. According to research, benefits to wearing uniform include decrease in disciplinary action, reduction in gang involvement and bullying, and increase in safety, confidence, and self-esteem.

Public schools should implement the policy of having school uniform, to help create a better learning environment for students to succeed in life.

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Tawsif Anam


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