Dear Editor: Recently, I celebrated my fifth anniversary of becoming a United States citizen. The milestone made me reflect on how truly special our country is.

I first came to America in 2007, as an adult, and an immigrant from Bangladesh. I was raised with many advantages, including a rigorous English education that allowed me to have a relatively smooth transition to American life. Many people coming to this country have various challenges including, but not limited to, language barrier, financial struggles and difficulty adjusting with cultural change. In spite of that, people migrate to America from all over the world and grow roots here.

According to a Gallup poll, 158 million people from around the world want to move to America, signifying that this is the most desirable country. Approximately a million people obtain their U.S. permanent residency every year. Furthermore, each year, several hundreds of thousands become naturalized U.S. citizens, and get an opportunity to pursue the American dream.

The U.S. Constitution guarantees rights that are non-existent in many countries around the world. With an immigration system that welcomes so many people, the best and the brightest from all over the Earth find their way to the United States, work hard, contribute to this country’s success and also help ensure that America remains a strong global leader.

America, for many years has been, and continues to be, a symbol of hope and freedom for millions around the world. In this country, with hard work, the sky is truly the limit. I am blessed to call myself an American.

Tawsif Anam


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