Dear Editor: In September, hundreds of thousands of students from various parts of the world left their classrooms to engage in activism about "climate change." This so-called “climate strike” is a threat to the younger generation’s ability to learn and acquire knowledge.

People are not born with the wisdom they need to live a meaningful life. Children go to school, get their education, find their strengths and learn discipline. They grow up, mature, find employment or other suitable occupation, and continue on that path as they age. Most importantly, children, and even young adults, are guided by parents, teachers and other counselors along the way. There are justified reasons why most countries have a minimum age requirement to vote, and most jobs require certain level of academic education.

When hundreds of thousands of children leave their books behind and march and protest about "climate change," it threatens educational institutions and jeopardizes the future of the younger generation. The grown-ups must encourage children to focus on their education and teach them to become knowledgeable and responsible adults, rather than to engage in protests and other disruptive activities.

Tawsif Anam


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