Dear Editor: Considering it serves a community like Madison, it may surprise many people that 68 percent of the electricity generated by MGE comes from coal, with an additional 20 percent coming from natural gas. MGE has pledged to increase the the percent of electricity that comes from renewable sources to only 30 percent by 2030: We need to fight for more.

Enough of our elected leaders have made it clear they are more interested in maintaining the energy status quo, or worse. With the current state and national political environment such as it is, it will fall to individual communities here in Wisconsin to push their energy providers to move aggressively to homegrown clean energy. These clean energy solutions will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels shipped from across the country and will create good-paying, local jobs that cannot be outsourced.

For these reasons, I invite everyone to participate in the upcoming Madison Climate March, Saturday, April 22 (Earth Day). The event will start on the King Street side of the Capitol building at 2 p.m., and proceed to the MGE power plant on Blount. This community cannot wait any longer for change; please join us.

Stephen Moon

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