Dear Editor: It is time for D-Day remembrance. While I am proud of my Marine Corps medic dad and my uncle, a Marine Corps training officer, and yes, my first husband, a conscientious objector during Vietnam era, I feel that there comes a time when "silence is betrayal" and the time has passed to speak up as we stand up.

We are in uncharted, scary territory as we applaud a vacuous, arrogant, authoritarian "naked" president. The rest of the world is witnessing our cruelty on the border, the thoughtless tariff imposition, the name calling and labeling we admonish our children for, and the extreme attacks on myself a woman, still the pilot of my body versus a male possession. I can't get enough yoga and Willie Nelson to make this go away; it's time to organize, to strategize, to talk and teach, and to use process and laws to undo the ugly and extremely hateful. Donald Trump wanted his country back. I want my rights, my body, our rule of law and our collective sanity back.

Sandra Saul


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