Dear Editor: I met former Gov. Tommy Thompson during his second term as governor.

What I discovered during our meeting was that Gov. Thompson was very honest about his beliefs and wanted do the most good based upon his understanding. I've always liked Thompson for being true to his beliefs.

Now he [Thompson] understands the inherent fallacies of many of those beliefs that generated his policy decisions as governor. And, like an honest man, he admits them.

I'm sure Scott Walker will never admit the failures in his decision to reject the federal funding to construct high-speed rail in Wisconsin.

Some Republicans still cannot get beyond that four-hour ride to Chicago on Badger Bus, stopping at every nook and Republican corner to maintain a transport system that contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, pollutes the environment, makes a killing on over-charged fares, and contributes to the poor health of passengers on that four-hour, sinus-infectious ride, ending with lungs contaminated with virus-plagued air and swollen feet.

Just imagine: Madison to Milwaukee in 30 minutes; Madison to Chicago; and Madison to the Twin Cities Super Rail Service within 60 minutes. Scott Walker didn't have the economic vision to appropriate with guaranteed federal dollars for Wisconsin.

More importantly, just consider the blue-collar jobs such a project would have created for Wisconsin's working-class folks who are not Foxconn employables.

And, not least, the tourism dollars super rail would have added to the state's economy.

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Yes, Scott Walker is desperate for votes but it has become apparent that his economic base of supporters will, or will have to, come to grips with Walker's policies, which have left them on the fence like grasshoppers in winter — frozen livelihoods without economic stimulus, staring into an abyss of uncertainties before the general election. Just ask Wisconsin's dairy farmers.

Thanks to John Nichols for a good op/ed.

Rose Byrd


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