Dear Editor: Restaurants should be required to repackage their extra food and give it to those in need instead of throwing it into the trash. According to a ReFED report, restaurants waste 63 million tons of food annually in the U.S. alone. I have seen this firsthand at a local restaurant. We were eating late and the restaurant was closing up. We started to leave when my mom and I saw an employee dumping all the pastries in a giant trash bag. When we asked where it was going they said in the bin. Thankfully, we later found out that the extra food was being taken to a local charity. But I think this should be required for all restaurants. By requiring restaurants to donate their leftover food we are not only helping the 42 million food-insecure people in this country, but the environment as well. It holds restaurants accountable for the food they buy and waste. It’s disappointing to see perfectly good food ignorantly thrown away while there are children around the world battling hunger every day.

Rojaan Koupaei

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