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Robert Reid: Secessionists raise risk of second civil war

Robert Reid: Secessionists raise risk of second civil war

Dear Editor: The zeitgeist of the Donald Trump presidency and months thereafter includes an intense, visceral divide this nation has not seen since the first American Civil War. I say “first” because there are those who envision, and are even advocating for, a second.

Talk of secession runs rampant.

Sixty-six percent of Republicans in 13 southern states, including Texas and Florida, are in favor of seceding, according to a July Bright Line Watch poll. That’s significantly up from the 50% in February’s poll.

Texas Republican state Rep. Kyle Biedermann, who marched on the Capitol with pro-Trump insurrectionists, has filed a bill giving Texans the option of seceding from the United States.

Mississippi Republican state Rep. Price Wallace has called for Mississippi to "succeed (sic) from the union and form our own country."

Social media is rife with talk of coups and insurrections and of taking up arms. Zealous post-Trump-presidency rally interviewees, sporting Trump-touting accoutrements, have enthusiastically expressed similar sentiments to reporters.

It’s not inconceivable that generations from now young, bright-eyed, inquisitive children may be questioning parents about their role in a Second American Civil War: “Whose side were you on in the Civil War, Daddy, Mr. Trump’s followers or the Americans’?”

Robert Reid

Wisconsin Dells

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