Dear Editor: The Mueller report, even redacted, shows the president and his campaign actively sought Russian help in electing him. Not enough evidence of a crime doesn't matter when you see their intent, which would be a severe blow to American democracy, whether carried through or not.

The report also verifies what all Americans and the world have seen for two years — the president endlessly berating the investigation and the people involved and threatening to shut it down. Anyone can see that this was intended to be strong interference with the investigation. Again, Mueller could not charge him or the campaign with obstruction of justice, only due to constitutional and judicial restrictions regarding the presidency.

I would love to see the report accepted and put behind us, to get on with the government's work. However, the president, instead of just laying low for two years and letting the investigation churn through to completion, sparing us endless turmoil, decided to constantly comment and keep the goings-on in the news. This demands a further look into his conduct.

Republicans in general appear to want to just let this slide into the dustbin of history. But I know, from everything I've seen until now, that if it was a Democratic president, Republicans would be calling for his head.

We need to support a further look into the president's actions. This can be done with minimal interference with the functioning of our government, if only we let it.

Robert Persons

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