Dear Editor: I have talked about the oath of office previously — it's what every elected official recites prior to taking office. It should mean something. How an elected official conducts himself in their elected position in relation to their oath of office shows a person's character. In our current political climate, there are many politicians not upholding their oath of office. In the Constitution, nowhere does it say that any member of any particular party is duty-bound by oath to protect their president at any cost. The founding fathers set up the government as co-equal branches of government, to support and protect the Constitution. This is why we elected them.

What we forget is the Constitution was written by the people, for the people. Which means it's up to us to make sure our elected officials uphold their oath of office. This is the foundation our democracy is built on and has nothing to do with any particular party affiliation. We as the electorate need to hold our elected officials accountable. Our society runs through a series of laws, which makes us a somewhat civilized society. If you don't care about the laws and having a civilized society, then feel free to maintain this current course. If you are like me and want to maintain our democratic and civilized lives, then it is time clean house in Washington. Obviously Trump has no interest in draining the swamp. That chore is going to fall back on us. We can start in 2020.

Robert Kufalk


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