Dear Editor: Some studies indicate that long-term marijuana use is linked to a tiny chance of developing acute psychosis. It is well known that the chemical element lead is a cause of acute psychosis. Also, when marijuana is planted in lead-contaminated soil, the plant will absorb lead like a sponge.

This gives me the simple idea that marijuana does not cause psychosis. It is very possible that polluted soil contaminates the plant and those pollutants are the only true cause of the disorder. I believe this strengthens the call for legalizing recreational marijuana so it can be grown safely and clean for those who choose it. It's just a theory, but I do know if it were legal and safely regulated consumers wouldn't have to worry about lead poisoning and that's a good thing.

Please don't fall for the reefer madness nonsense. Check your Nov. 6 ballet for candidates who support safe legalization and also for any marijuana referendums. Then vote yes.

Robby Ree

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